• Concrete Crack Repair By Injection
  • Honeycomb Repair
  • Cold Joint Repair
  • Electrical Hydro Panel & Conduit Leak Repair
  • Beam Pocket Leak Repair
  • Snap Tie & Rod Hole Leak Repair

01. Cold Joints and Poured Concrete

A cold joint situation example could be where the poured concrete foundation walls meet the poured concrete overhead porch slab. Another example of a poured concrete cold joint, can be in a block of town houses where the pour was completed the next day, which could leave a vertical joint where the concrete was poured at two different stages. Another example of a cold joint can be where the poured concrete sump pump pit meets the floor beside the sump pump pit.


02. Cold Joint Repairs

With cold joint repairs theres different techniques and repairs depending on the situation, it will depend on which repair is suitable. We do repairs with such materials, as AquaPak, Aqua Grout™. It’s extremely important to be using a highly trained technician, whos knows depending on situation, which methods and materials to use.

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  • Cold Joint Repair
  • Cold Joint Repair
  • Cold Joint Repair